Secure Private Fibre Connectivity

Directly Connecting You to the Cloud


Building to Building Fibre Connectivity

At the core of Andorix is AndorixNet, a private building connection network that directly connects businesses to major Toronto data centers and hyper-scale cloud platforms via point-to-point private fibre connectivity.  Our customers get fast and secure Internet connectivity with data connection speeds from 1 to 100 Gbps at significantly lower costs than traditional telco fibre.

Why Use AndorixNet

Secure Connectivity

Dedicated and secure private, broadband fibre network that spans the Greater Toronto Area and South Western Ontario

Cost Effective

Our dedicated fibre optic connection costs up to 40% less than traditional telco fibre, and you get 99.999% uptime guarantee

Fast Access to Public Cloud

Access the public cloud networks like AWS, Google and Microsoft Azure with direct connectivity options of 1 to 100Gbps

Rapid Deployment

We can deploy your point-to-point fibre connectivity in 10 to 15 business days, compared to about 45 days from traditional telcos