Providing the foundation for our customers to modernize their work environments

About Andorix

Andorix provides a suite of managed IT services to mid-size enterprises in Ontario, including point-to-point private fibre connectivity, in-building network solutions, specialized cloud platforms and digital services. We are the enablers of digital services for our customers, with the sole mission and responsibility to help them create value.

Andorix was formed from a merger of two partner-led market-leading organization with a combined 36 years’ experience in providing managed IT solutions.  Our expertise in Managed as-a Service, Backup and Disaster Recovery, Application Management, Network, Iot and Smart Building allows us to provide our customers with the platform to leverage cloud technologies for continued innovation.


The ‘AND’ gate and ‘OR’ gate was invented in 1947 and patented in 1956 by AT&T which represented the first transistor radio – essentially the birth of technology. When combined, ‘ANDOR’ reminds us of Star Trek ‘Andorian’ – representing a future of technology that was well ahead of its time. Enter Andorix, the technology company of the future.

Our guiding principles

Deliver Value

Our customers success depends on their ability to exchange information with business partners and customers in a secure and efficient manner.

Technology Leadership

Our customers want to be able to use information technology to modernize their work environments.

Collaborative Partnerships

Our customers want flexibility when choosing their solution providers.

Customer Flexibility

Our customers want services delivered in an operational, flexible, cost effective and risk free business model.

Andorix Leadership Team

Wayne Kim

CEO and Founding Partner

Shaul Swartz

EVP and Founding Partner

Eric Bogatie

CIO and Founding Partner

Jay Lee

COO and Founding Partner