Protecting OT building systems

Convergence of IT and OT in Smart Buildings

Andorix Cyber Protection as a Service (CPaaS)

Protecting Operational Technology Building Systems

The control system for a building’s OT eco-system, including Access Control, HVAC/BAS, Fire and Life Safety, Lighting, CCTV, Electrical Power, Security, Elevators, etc. are currently maintained by many different vendors in diverse ways, and cyber security is seldom considered in these practices. When these OT systems and IoT devices connect to the outside world, they can be exposed to threats from computer viruses, malware and ransomware. When OT systems are compromised, a full re-installation of the system is often required to ensure stability and security, and this often takes weeks or even months to resolve.

With the Andorix CPaaS, we provide a unified system with centralized monitoring tools to proactively manage and alert on the status of the computer systems hard and installed software in the OT environment. This allows building owners and property managers to centrally manage system resources with a quick backup and restore service, as well as enable proactive cyber security protection management of their OT environments.

We provide a central platform for the operation and maintenance of all OT building system components to ensure building-wide protection and uptime of system environments.

Service Features

Secure Remote Access

Andorix provides authorized building operations employees with a secure remote access solution designed to simplify the onboarding, management, scaling, securing, and auditing of each connection to the OT building network system.

Cyber Attack Prevention Management

The deployment of the Andorix Automate Proxy within the Cyber Protection Appliance allows for the streamlined deployment of Anti-Virus and Malware software. This platform also provides detailed reporting on the security landscape with a system exposure profile for remediation.

Remote Monitoring and Management of OT Systems

Through the use of a strategic platform, monitoring and management of the OT network building control systems is achieved via local proxy system installed at the site by Andorix. The proxy enables the Andorix operations centre to monitor performance metrics through data analysis from the various systems and proactively resolve problems and/or notify respective management teams when issues arise.

Backup and Restore of Control Systems

The Backup & Disaster Recovery service includes daily backup of the Operating System and user data from each building control computer system, and in the event of a hardware crash or virus infection, full restoration of all server contents based on the last working version.

Disaster Recovery Options

In the event of a disaster, Andorix provides the options of disaster recovery into a Virtual Machine with similar hardware specifications as the original building control computer system or to In-Place Physical Server, with an Recovery Time Objective (RTO) SLA.

Maintenance and Support of Existing OT Systems

Optimal operation of the OT building systems is achieved by maintaining an environment that is protected, patched and supported by hardware and software vendors. These services are delivered through the Cyber Protection Appliance which includes System Auditing, License Compliance, System Upgrades, Incident Management and Device Replacement.