Scalable Network Platform for IoT Devices

Fully-managed wireless network platform using LPWAN for IoT sensors within commercial and residential buildings.

Managed Network Services for IoT

IoT plays a big role in transforming traditional buildings into smart buildings by connecting and integrating a wide variety of building systems and allowing for real-time data collection and analysis. This will require the deployment of thousands of IoT sensors in a commercial or high-density residential building. In order to collect the data from all IoT devices, you need a scalable building-wide network coverage.

Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) Network Solution

Andorix offers a fully-managed LPWAN network that can collect data from thousands of IoT device sensors throughout the entire building with only a single base station and antenna installation. Our managed service includes the design and deployment of a flexible and scalable LPWAN network that integrates with IoT sensors for various buildings systems. This allows for the real-time collection and analysis of IoT sensor data for a more efficient smart building.

Connect all the IoT devices in your building with a flexible and scalable wireless network platform and accelerate the benefits of the smart building

Managed LPWAN Service Features

Remote Monitoring and Management

Andorix will monitor and manage the LPWAN network via local proxy system installed at the site. The proxy enables the Andorix operations centre to monitor performance metrics through data analysis from the various OT systems endpoints and proactively resolve problems and/or notify respective management teams when issues arise.

Key Performance Indicators for LPWAN

Andorix will measure performance of the LPWAN network environment and its response time to support requests – these KPI items will be used to identify service success or problems.

MACD Change Requests

Andorix provides access to a HelpDesk management system to track change requests to the network. Authorized representatives will be assigned by the customer who will have ability to request MACD type of support from the Andorix operations centre.

24/7/365 Maintenance and Support

Andorix provides 24x7x365 maintenance and support of the LPWAN Network. We ensure the optimal operation of doing timely deployment of security updates, replacing the device in the event of hardware failure, and returning all network services to normal levels after any distruptions.

Firewall Management

Our LPWAN Network Management service starts with a secure remote access solution designed to simplify the onboarding, management, scaling, securing, and auditing of each connection.

Documentation and Reporting

Andorix will maintain an Operational Run Book that includes copies of documentation per network location and will update the files upon completion of all MACD or network maintenance tasks.