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Passive Optical LAN Enables QuadReal Group To Prepare For The Future

May 13, 2021
Technology provider DZS and its integration partner Andorix outfitted QuadReal’s office facilities throughout Canada with POL systems so the facilities are ready for the arrival of multi-gig services, 5G, smart building services and more.

IoT creates safer workplaces and promotes greater adoption

October 21, 2020
Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, organizations have adopted technologies, including cameras and sensors, that can keep workers and customers safe during the pandemic and beyond.

The Key Buildings Blocks of a Smart Building Architecture

September 23, 2020
With the promise to enhance building operations, reduce costs and improve tenant heath and wellness, commercial real-estate companies are increasingly eager to invest in smart building transformation.

Coworking Together

August 14, 2020
BehrTech, a Toronto company, has rolled out smart building connectivity to enable multiple internet of things (IoT) solutions in commercial buildings. The BehrTech solution uses smart building technology from Toronto-based Andorix to enable multiple IoT solutions in commercial buildings managed by QuadReal.

Long-Distance IoT Solution Managing Canada High Rises

August 5, 2020
Real-estate company QuadReal is deploying a wireless intelligence system provided by Andorix, using BehrTech’s Internet of Things technology, to capture and manage data about traffic movement, physical distancing and air quality.

Andorix rolls out Behrtech IoT in commercial buildings

June 23, 2020
Smart building readiness and infrastructure firm Andorix has leveraged Behrtech’s Mythings LPWAN platform to enable IoT services in commercial buildings in Canada managed by real estate company QuadReal Property Group.

MYTHINGS enables wireless IoT to deliver enhanced building ops

June 17, 2020
IoT specialist BehrTech said that Andorix, an expert in smart building readiness and infrastructure solutions, has leveraged MYTHINGS to enable multiple IoT solutions in commercial buildings managed by QuadReal Property Group, which is a global real estate investment, operating and development company.