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Providing the foundation that empowers innovation

Converged Network Management for Real Estate Properties

With the rapid evolution and integration of new technologies, and a shift in the work-life balance to accommodate ever-changing tenant requirements, this is the time for a holistic review of the role of technology in your Real Estate Portfolio. By being uniquely positioned at the intersection of Real Estate and Technology, Andorix is the only smart building solutions provider that offers a complete building connectivity service for real estate property owners. We work with our real estate partners to get full control of their systems, optimize their building operations, and ultimately provide improved performance while driving value.

Laying the Digital Foundation for your Building Infrastructure

The in-building converged network is the digital foundation for today’s advanced buildings needs to provide instant and secure access to data and enable data movement to and from a comprehensive network of devices and controllers. This base building network should also be flexible and scaleable to incorporate all the OT systems used in the building, including new technologies that have yet to be implemented. Having this digital foundation ensures an improved user experience and drive extra value for the occupant, which translates to increased value for the building owner.

Andorix’s in-building converged network empowers your Real Estate Properties with scalable, reliable and secure in-building connectivity that leverages next generation optical network technology. Our solutions are purpose-built for Real Estate Operators and Tenants, and guarantee performance, efficiency and provide a vendor-agnostic platform for 5G, IoT & future smart building technology readiness.

Converged Network Services for Real Estate Properties

Future-Proof your Property’s Technology Experience

  • Streamline Building Operational Technologies

    Securely provision and authorize cloud-connected operational technologies such as BMS, smart lighting, HVAC, access control, security cameras, occupancy sensing, and more.

  • Secure IoT and Smart Devices with Network Slicing & Cyber Protection as a Service

    Keep potentially vulnerable IoT devices separated and up to date. Easily and securely integrate or change IoT device network slices to add and enable new devices.

  • Seamlessly Integrate IT to Elevate the Tenant Experience

    Meet the needs of both building infrastructure systems and tenant applications with increased performance, added choice, wired connections and WiFi, and more.