Managed PON for optimized building operation and maintenance

Base Building Network with Fibre Optic Backbone

Passive Optical Network (PON) is a fibre-optic based infrastructure platform that connects all building systems in a scaleable, secure and cost-effective manner. Andorix designs, deploys and provides ongoing management services for Operational Technology (OT) PON in-building network systems across our customers’ real-estate assets. Within a typical OT environment, all of the major building systems (e.g. Building Automation, Lighting Control, Access Control, and Video Surveillance) will utilize the PON building network to communicate with the endpoint devices.

In-Building Converged Network with Managed PON

The Andorix next-generation PON platform offers a much longer depreciation life cycle compared to traditional PON. With our managed fibre-based PON service, we can enhance the performance of Base Building Networks by tenfold and seamlessly accommodate the thousands of IoT devices in your buildings.

Savings on Installation Costs

Power Consumption Reduction

Cable Weight Reduction

Core Equipment Space Savings

CapEx & OpEx Savings on Smart Building Network

How a Passive Optical Network (PON) Works

PONs offer the same functionality as traditional Active Networks but use light rather than electrical signals. By utilizing light splitters instead of active switches, PONs are not only more cost-effective but also do not require any power to operate. The Optic Network Terminal (ONT) at the network’s edge converts electrical transmissions to light signals and vice versa, ensuring seamless compatibility with existing building systems that rely on traditional networks. Building owners can have peace of mind knowing that there is no need to replace or modify their current building systems to accommodate PON technology. Learn more on the benefits of PON for your base building network.

We provide building owners with a scalable and energy efficient in-building network to help them meet their tenants’ ever growing need for faster data access.

Managed PON Service Features

Remote Monitoring and Management

The Andorix operations centre will monitor and manage the OT PON network via local proxy system installed at the site by Andorix. In addition to monitoring the performance metrics through data analysis from the various OT systems endpoints, Andorix will also proactively resolve problems and/or notify respective management teams when issues arise.

Firewall and VPN Access Management

Andorix provides authorized building operations employees with a secure remote access solution designed to simplify the onboarding, management, scaling, securing, and auditing of each connection.

MACD Change Requests

Andorix provides access to a HelpDesk management system to track change requests to the network. Authorized representatives will be assigned by the customer who will have ability to request MACD type of support from the Andorix operations centre.

24/7/365 Maintenance and Support

Andorix provides 24x7x365 helpdesk support to building owners.  We ensure the optimal operation of the OT PON network by doing regular firmware updates, offering device replacement in the event of hardware failure, and maintaining an environment that is fully supported by hardware vendor.

Service Guarantee

Andorix will measure performance of the OT PON network environment and its response time to support requests – these KPI items will be used to identify service success or problems followed by how to resolve

Documentation and Reporting

For every building that Andorix manages, Andorix maintains an Operational Run Book that includes copies of documentation per network location. Andorix and provides a monthly utilization report showing usage of the PON network.