Enabling Smart Buildings at QuadReal
with Managed Passive Optical Network (PON)


QuadReal Property Group, headquartered in Vancouver, Canada, is a global real estate investment, operating and development company. QuadReal was in search of a smart building technology solution designed to optimize building operations and enable building owners and operators to provide better services and amenities to their tenants and transform how their tenants work, live, shop and play in their buildings. After researching various networking approaches, the Digital Innovation team at QuadReal engaged Andorix in a pilot project to deploy Passive Optical Network (PON) technology by Dasan Zhone Solutions (DZS) to serve as the digital foundation for delivering services to their tenants and operations teams.  After a successful pilot, QuadReal moved forward in transforming over 40 of their commercial buildings into smart buildings with IoT capabilities. This innovative approach allowed QuadReal to efficiently pivot and leverage the Andorix Converged Network into a COVID-19 response and deliver a safer tenant and building experience.

QuadReal’s Challenge

QuadReal was intent on delivering on the promises of smart buildings and searched for a digital infrastructure solution that is long lasting and able to support the adoption of smart building technologies with IoT capabilities. The goal was to find a standardized solution that could be deployed at scale across their existing portfolio of buildings and implemented in all new development projects across asset classes.

Traditional networking solutions typically deployed within commercial real estate buildings were ruled out for being too capital intensive to deploy and maintain. To meet QuadReal’s commitment to sustainability and reduction of its carbon footprint a solution would have to be energy and materials efficient. This network will serve as the foundation for modernizing and optimizing building operations needs to be highly secure, proven in mission-critical environments and scalable.

The Andorix Solution

Andorix was selected to deploy its Managed PON service based on DZS’ FibreLan PON technology for an initial pilot project at 745 Thurlow, a QuadReal building located in the heart of downtown Vancouver. The Passive Optical Network is a primarily fiber-based network based on using “passive” networking equipment that uses light instead of electrical signals. By not utilizing always-on active equipment, a PON network will offer significant energy savings compared to traditional networking technology over its functional lifespan.

In 2020, Andorix deployed the DZS PON technology at the pilot location, connecting Security, Elevator, HVAC, Access Control and Smart Metering systems, enabling the first truly converged network in the QuadReal portfolio.

Successful Outcomes

The success of the pilot project led to the transformation of over 40 buildings across the QuadReal Commercial Real Estate portfolio, all being outfitted with Passive Optical Networking technology. At these buildings HVAC, CCTV Camera, Access Control, Elevator, Intercom and Lighting are connected to the PON infrastructure with real-time data streamed directly to building operators for immediate action.

The Andorix Converged Network enabled QuadReal to deploy IoT solutions (Presence Detection, People Counting, Environmental IEQ)  that stream real-time data as part of their COVID-19 response to deliver a safer and enhanced tenant experience and improved building environment.

Highlights of the Andorix Managed PON Solution at Quadreal
  • Energy savings year over year totalled over 70% versus the traditional solutions
  • Led to approximately 65% space savings within the building Risers
  • Service costs were between 50-70% lower (building dependant)
  • Cost savings were 65% less compared to traditional networking solutions
  • Reduces energy usage and is sustainable
  • Lifespan that can exceed 20 years
  • Supports next generation technologies such as 5G

Overall, Andorix was able to ensure a proven, highly secured and trusted, digital foundation that would support QuadReal buildings for years to come.

The ability to connect and centrally manage devices will not only ensure the optimal operation and security of all buildings systems – it will also hyper-accelerate the deployment of smart building use cases to drive high-value outcomes.

Thano Lambrinos
VP, Smart Building Technology and Digital Innovation at Quadreal