Delivering the Future of Digital Infrastructure

Real estate operators are looking to unlock the full potential of smart building technologies and create environments that are more energy-efficient, cost-effective to operate, and comfortable for occupants. They want to implement technologies such as air quality control, occupancy sensing, smart lighting and access controls with the ability to capture all the building OT systems and IoT sensor data for further analysis. To achieve this digital transformation in your buildings, you need to have the proper digital foundation. This is where the Andorix converged network for buildings comes in.

Learn more about our in-building digital infrastructure technology that helps building owners realize the promises of smart buildings that are not only secure and scaleable, but also cost-effective and energy-efficient.

Andorix’ In-Building Backbone Network Enables Thor Equities’ 800 W Fulton Market to Become the Smartest Building in Chicago

Realizing the True Value of Smart Buildings

While most buildings have digital systems that control their mechanical and electrical equipment, the true value of Smart Buildings is in its ability to collect raw data from the equipment, analyze it as it comes in, and allow building management to identify potential issues and inefficiencies right away.

By providing a digital foundation for your building infrastructure, Andorix allows properties to take advantage of smart building automation systems that lower energy costs, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and improve the occupants’ health and safety, which translates to increased value for the building owner.

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